Kids Holiday Activities: Tweens & Teens!

There's no doubt about it, kids love tech! Even more so when they become tweens and teens! Fortnite, Minecraft, PlayStation, X-Box, YouTube and Instagram is all part of their vocabularies now. Whether your child dreams about being a famous YouTube gamer or the next fashion influencer or Vlogger, we've got all the tech and gaming gadgets they'll love! 

Of course we want our teens to be out and about, having fun outdoors, but it is quite special to watch them become little creators; putting together videos and playing around with filters and games and finding things that they're passionate about in a safe environment. 

Here are a few of our top picks for our tech-tweens and teens! Don't forget that we also offer 3 hours of FREE WIFI and have loads for teens to do at our mall. From shopping to watching movies at our Ster Kinekor or IMAX, or even hanging in our food court!